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Fushun Petrochemical Ethylene composite wire leads the domestic market

Fushun Petrochemical Company ethylene chemical plant firmly stands on the market by relying on characteristic products. In 2012, the factory produced 70000 tons of special materials for polyethylene composite wire, all of which were put into the East China market, the largest composite wire production base in China, and the supply exceeded the demand

composite wire is used to produce medical sanitary masks, diapers and other products. Most of the polyethylene composite wire special materials of this high-end composite wire are produced by Fushun Petrochemical Ethylene Chemical Plant in China. According to the data of PetroChina East China chemical sales company, in addition to the special composite fiber material 2911fs developed and produced by Fushun ethylene, there are no other high-end composite fiber special materials in the domestic material testing machine with stable export growth and high-performance proportional directional valve market. At the same time, the special material for composite fiber has its special price advantage. Although the cost is equivalent to that of ordinary injection plastic, the sales price per ton is 500 ~ 8 yuan higher than that of ordinary injection plastic. The experiment shows that 00 yuan. It is estimated that Fushun Ethylene alone achieved an additional effect of nearly 40million yuan last year

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