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Hefei will speed up the construction of integrity and establish a "red black list" of product quality

Hefei has issued a memorandum of cooperation on "building integrity and punishing dishonesty". The city will speed up the construction of integrity, establish a "red black list" release system of product quality, and list dishonest enterprises and products in the "black list". China mechanical and electrical products trading learned that Hefei will accelerate the construction of integrity and establish a red black list release system for product quality. The development of dishonest enterprises and product list composites itself is inseparable from the development of utilization fields and related industries

on July 31, Hefei held a press conference on building integrity and punishing dishonesty. 19 municipal units jointly issued the memorandum of cooperation on building integrity punishment and dishonesty

where to find reassuring products? It is clear on the red and black list

there is also a way to find reassuring products when shopping in provincial cities in the future. High quality products and problematic products can be seen on the red black list. The products released on the list include: Food and drugs, agricultural materials products, building materials products, seasonal products, electronic products, consumer goods for daily use, print publications, and other products and services closely related to people's life and production

red list enterprises will give priority to government incentives in brand building and public services. Black list enterprises will increase sampling frequency, conduct interviews, early warning or yellow card warning, and will be canceled to participate in various evaluation and recommendation activities within two years

the red black list will be published on the media and the municipal public credit information sharing platform; Citizens can also query the quality credit information of enterprises on the Anhui enterprise quality credit platform

what are the consequences of legal dishonesty? You can't get on a soft sleeper plane

China's mechanical and electrical products trading: last July, the provincial capital established a list system of dishonest Executees. The list includes all dishonest persons who have been included in the list of dishonest persons who have been executed in the execution cases handled by the people's courts at all levels of our city, as well as other persons who have been executed by the people's courts at all levels of our city who have issued orders to restrict high consumption. As of June this year, a total of 1060 dishonest persons have been entered into the database of the list, of which 185 are enterprise legal persons or organizations

for those who break the law, the next step will be to establish a separate blacklist information database for those who break the law. Once they enter the list, the court will cause many difficulties and challenges in connection with the grid, consumption and utilization, and issue high consumption restriction orders to them, including taking more than one seat in the plane, soft sleeper and bullet train. If the person subjected to dishonesty is a natural person, he shall not serve as the legal representative, director, supervisor, senior manager, etc. And restrict or prohibit their behaviors in government procurement, bidding, market access, qualification recognition, etc

how to know personal credit information? Please check the resource sharing platform

at present, the outline of Anhui social credit system construction plan (year) is also being prepared, and it is expected to be issued this year. According to the credit system planning and construction of Anhui Province, we have studied whether the work of each water level controller is normal, and formulated the work plan of Hefei public credit information sharing service platform. The next step is to build a large credit resource sharing platform. The relevant person in charge of Hefei development and Reform Commission said

in terms of force measurement, the electronic universal experimental machine adopts load sensors. It is understood that the platform will have government credit information generated by various departments and units in our city in the process of performing public management functions, and will collect the credit information of social legal persons and individuals within the city. These information can be learned through inquiry. At present, the platform is under planning and construction

how to monitor the operation of enterprises? It is understood that in, more than 20000 enterprises in our city were revoked their business licenses according to law, including more than 14000 enterprises listed in the three-year effective black card

China's mechanical and electrical products trading: Hefei Administration for Industry and Commerce said that with the reform of the industrial and commercial registration system, enterprises must accept stricter supervision while enjoying the leniency policy in the future. Relying on the publicity system, our city will also establish the recording of business abnormal names. Enterprises that fail to publish their annual reports within the prescribed time limit will be included in the list, and those that fail to report for more than three years will be permanently included in the list and blacklisted, which will increase the cost of dishonesty

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