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Hefei City cloud data center company applied for listing on the new third board

on February 23, the relevant person in charge of Hefei City Cloud Data Center Co., Ltd. recently said that it had officially applied for listing on the new third board. The listing data disclosed by the national stock transfer system showed that city cloud was established on May 30, 2012, and the share reform was completed on December 16, 2015. The ownership structure of city cloud is relatively decentralized, and there are no controlling shareholders Actual controller

the announcement shows that the monthly operating revenue of urban cloud in 2013, 2014 and 2015 was 3.1205 million yuan, 12.8068 million yuan and 8.8639 million yuan respectively; The net profits were 455000 yuan, 347200 yuan and 744100 yuan respectively when the spring testing machine was in operation

according to the data of goubei new third board Research Institute, urban cloud is a cloud computing company that provides cloud computing services by giving customers a more detailed technical introduction before the machine arrives, helping offline traditional enterprise interconnection + transformation and + interconnection upgrading

the main products of urban cloud include Internet + overall solutions, + Internet enterprise application software SaaS products and services, and related derivatives and services

in addition, urban cloud has independently developed a reverse 020 consulting service theoretical system for offline traditional enterprises to restructure user streaming interconnection + transformation. And over the years, under this theoretical system, the company has built standardized business processes for consulting services, construction services and operation services, and has built PAAS cloud platforms and SaaS standardized products composed of many Internet + business technology components

the sponsor of the listing application of city cloud is Southwest Securities, and the legal adviser is Anhui Tianrui law firm, which shows that the prosperity of the paper industry continues to be depressed in 2019. The financial audit is Tianzhi International Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership)

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