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Hefei call center industrial base is expected to start construction by the end of 2012

Hefei City, after a light rain, is covered with trees, flowers in full bloom, and Dongpu reservoir is rippling. On the afternoon of June 6, domestic and foreign guests and representatives participating in the China call center industry summit forum visited Hefei (Shushan) International Electronics with great interest. We have carried out program research on nuclear power materials, integrated circuit materials, new energy vehicle materials, etc. business industrial park. A brand-new call center industrial base park is emerging here. At present, Shenzhen Shunfeng call center, baohulu technology, Hong Kong paramount, Beijing xinniao, Beijing Enyuan and other domestic well-known e-commerce enterprises have settled in

it is reported that the call center industrial base (Business Park), which will be constructed in December 2012, has been settled in Hefei (Shushan) international e-commerce Industrial Park. With a total construction area of 720000 square meters, it will focus on introducing enterprises such as call center platforms, finance, telecommunications, it, business process outsourcing, and platform independent software providers, which will realize the efficient allocation of resources and space, and form the agglomeration effect and driving effect of the e-commerce industry chain. The base will be committed to building a call center industry cluster at home and abroad, a business process outsourcing base, and a virtual call center core platform, which is expected to form a scale of 50000 seats

Hefei (Shushan) international e-commerce Industrial Park is one of the first 34 in China and the only national e-commerce demonstration base in Anhui Province. The total planning area is 1.22 million square meters, with a total investment of about 3.6 billion yuan. It is constructed in four phases according to the planning and design of integrating industry and city. Focusing on the goal of one million space and one hundred billion output value, the Industrial Park focuses on introducing call center enterprises, establishing Shangshang mall, and cultivating a number of e-commerce application demonstration differential sensor extensometer [linear V automobile lightweight has risen to the national strategic level. The Industrial Park focuses on infrastructure construction and development and application, such as facility intelligence, broadband access, wireless multimedia Park, etc. the planning is enough to see multiple functional areas, such as call center, centralized office center, centralized storage center, logistics distribution center, training center, consulting center, conference center, centralized procurement center, college student entrepreneurship base, enterprise e-commerce outsourcing base, e-commerce supporting service base, etc. At present, domestic well-known e-commerce enterprises such as Shenzhen Shunfeng call center, baohulu technology, Hong Kong paramount, Beijing xinniao and Beijing Enyuan have been introduced, with a total investment of 5billion yuan and a total output value of 20billion yuan

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