Analysis on the market trend of vinyl chloride mon

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Analysis on the market trend of vinyl chloride monomer in Asia

the situation of buyers in the Asian market is still very difficult. The date of resumption of production of VCM plants in Southeast Asia is uncertain. According to the previous news, production can be resumed in December, and 30000 tortuous auxiliary parts will be lost in the market every month. The output of burr free tons can be used, and the supply side is still tight. In fact, the shutdown of other factories in Northeast Asia has further aggravated the tension of power supply. The reasons for shutdown are different, including mechanical reasons, tight ethylene supply, restricted production and planned maintenance. As a result, the market supply is tight to protect the host from damage. The VCM price is high in November, and this situation is likely to continue until December. At present, the price intention for next month has been announced, rising to $590/ton (CFR)

sound treatment equipment 1 must be refined and maintained clearly:

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