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Hefei Construction machinery enterprise production and marketing matchmaking meeting was successfully held

Hefei Construction machinery enterprise production and marketing matchmaking meeting was successfully held

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in order to actively respond to the downward pressure of the economy and help construction machinery enterprises build production and marketing platforms, on March 25, a unique production and marketing matchmaking meeting for construction machinery enterprises was held in Hefei Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center, from construction machinery, rail transit More than 200 enterprises in construction and other fields attended the meeting. According to China Construction machinery trade, a total of four enterprises signed on-site at the docking meeting, namely, China railway construction heavy industry Hefei Co., Ltd. and Anhui Zhongke longan Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement; Hitachi construction machinery China Co., Ltd. and Anhui Huali Construction Group Co., Ltd. signed the "wall insulation material foamed plastic" which refers to the core material of the insulation material, and signed the excavator frame purchase agreement. In recent years, affected by the overall market environment, the construction machinery industry has been in the downturn adjustment stage. Affected by the insufficient market demand and other factors, some parts of Hefei also cause the deformation of elastomer and change the resistance value of strain gauge pasted on it, which is difficult for industries and enterprises to produce and operate. According to the understanding of China Construction machinery trade, the holding of this docking meeting will provide a close, comprehensive and efficient cooperation platform for construction machinery production enterprises, engineering construction units and trading enterprises, further expand the production and marketing docking channels, and promote the cooperation and common development between enterprises. It is reported that by the end of 2015, Hefei's industrial added value ranked ninth among the provincial capitals of the country, and its growth rate ranked second among the provincial capitals of the country. Its development speed has also leapt from the previous medium to low in the province to the first in the province. At this time, build a platform to hold production and marketing matchmaking meetings, guide enterprises to strengthen cooperation, find more business opportunities for both supply and demand sides, and realize greater interests. It has to be said that this docking meeting is not only an important part of implementing the central government's decision of "three going, one reducing and one supplementing" through technological innovation, model innovation and financial service innovation, but also an effective measure to overcome the information asymmetry between supply and demand among enterprises and promote the mutual benefit and win-win situation of upstream and downstream enterprises

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