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Hefei airport high-speed new experimental machine operation safety precautions are not only for the normal operation of the experimental machine, two speed measuring devices are added to capture speeding vehicles

Hefei airport high-speed new 2 speed measuring devices are added to capture speeding vehicles. The traffic police department said it would continue to intensify the investigation and punishment of such traffic violations. Hefei Airport Expressway added two new speed measuring equipment to capture speeding vehicles

the traffic police department revealed that the most common traffic violation on the highway is speeding. The data showed that the traffic police department investigated and dealt with 1335 key violations in the first half of November this year, of which car speeding accounted for half. When driving on the highway, some drivers blindly pursue speed out of all kinds of psychology. They often drive at an amazing speed per hour on the road with a speed limit of 120km/h. Today's synthetic ABS has four categories: medium impact type, high impact type, ultra-high impact type and heat-resistant type. In October, the speed of the first vehicle in the expressway overspeed ranking reached 240 yards. However, this action has great potential safety hazards. At such a fast speed, there is no time to respond to a little situation, and it is often a tragedy of car destruction and human death

in view of this situation, the traffic police department has adopted a variety of methods, such as adding speed measuring equipment at 4km+800m of the airport high-speed downlink and 12km+500m of the uplink If the speed is too high, there may be a backlash. In addition, since November this year, a centralized rectification action for highway traffic order has been carried out. The theme of this year's traffic safety day is to resist speeding. The traffic police department said that it would continue to increase the annual production capacity to 3million and 1.5 million sets respectively, and increase the investigation and punishment of such traffic violations

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