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Hefei 12333 service will have voiceprint recognition function

in the future, when citizens call 12333 to inquire about social security issues, the system will automatically identify the characteristics of users through caller information and behavior tracks. If it is the middle-aged and elderly people or outsiders with a strong accent, it will be better, so as to improve the quality of products. First, access manual services and reduce waiting in line. According to Hefei public resources trading center, this project has been listed as the intelligent voice demonstration project of Hefei voice industry. The plan is to use intelligent voice and big data processing technology to improve service efficiency and standardize service behavior. Its construction plan includes the application and innovation of voiceprint recognition technology, intelligent voice technology, natural language understanding technology and artificial intelligence technology in the field of human services

at the same time, upgrade and transform the original speech synthesis products to provide the latest speech synthesis effect, so that citizens have a very natural experience. With the help of the call information and the behavior track in the intelligent customer service system, users are grouped and labeled. For young people who are easy to accept new things and can use the system better, those who are satisfied with the system better, the fixture selection of the universal material testing machine also has a certain impact on the experiment. Consider accessing the automation system; For users who have a strong accent or are not used to self-service, priority should be given to accessing the manual service queue

it is understood that with the help of these intelligent means, a three-tier service architecture of machine self-service and human service has finally been formed. We have experienced the production of experimental machines for so many years, including industrial service + self-service and pure manual service, so as to give full play to the efficiency of self-service channels, reduce manual pressure and quickly improve the connection rate of the system. In addition, it can also use big data analysis technology to conduct data modeling. The service conditions of valve springs are very harsh, providing fast call hot spot analysis, and providing timely decision-making assistance for government departments

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