Analysis on the market trend of polyester staple f

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Analysis on the market trend of polyester staple fiber this month (December 1-december 31)

I. market price trend of polyester staple fiber:

from the figure, the domestic polyester staple fiber market trend this month (December 31) is an upward trend. As of the end of the month (Zhejiang polyester short market), the quotation of 1.4d direct spinning manual hydraulic universal testing machine was about 11500 yuan/ton, down 7.47% from 10700 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month, an increase of -8% compared with cutting off the power supply

II. Analysis and comments

upstream, at the beginning of the month, the domestic polyester staple fiber market began to rebound, the market remained warm, and the market quotation increased. In the middle of the month, the price of polyester staple fiber was mainly adjusted, and efforts were made to maintain a stable or slightly loose. At the end of the month, the polyester staple fiber market was still in shock, the market quotation was stable and small, and the market transaction situation remained rising. Recently, the international oil market has also experienced minor fluctuations. After the price once rebounded last week, the current oil futures price in New York is around $99. The PX market has been relatively stable recently, and the transaction is normal. The PTA market is currently in a stalemate. The MEG market shows an adjustment trend, and the shipment intention is strong. The operating load of the polyester staple fiber industry has increased and remained at a slightly more than 60% level. Due to the improvement of market transactions, the inventory of polyester staple fiber enterprises is still at a low level

in the downstream, the domestic yarn market improved at the beginning of the month, the tangled mentality was relieved, the market quotation remained stable or upward, and the market trading volume also increased slightly. However, the market barrel cooling was divided into water cooling and air cooling, and the fundamentals of the market did not change substantially, so the market was still in a weak tone and continued to remain weak. The order situation of downstream yarn enterprises is still severe. Yarn products are in large inventory, and de inventory is still the primary task of enterprises. Affected by the rebound of polyester staple fiber market, the pure polyester yarn market has warmed up. It is expected that the pure polyester yarn market will still be dominated by adjustment in the future

III. outlook and forecast

the domestic polyester staple fiber market currently maintains an upward trend, but the upward trend will not be too strong. The main factor for the current market rise is the low inventory level of the industry itself, and even tight supply. Although the downstream yarn enterprises are under pressure, they are more active in purchasing, which helps push up the price. Both the upstream and downstream markets are in the process of adjustment, and the support for the polyester staple fiber market is not substantial. Therefore, Hong Zhen, an analyst from the business agency textile branch, predicts that the polyester staple fiber market will still be subject to shock adjustment in the short term

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