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Xuanhua Economic Development Zone in Hebei province builds aircraft carriers for drilling rig manufacturing. Drilling machine plastic or electronic equipment is expected to be made of self destructing materials. It is one of the pillar industries in Xuanhua district and is known as "the hometown of drilling rigs in China" in the industry. Hebei Xuanhua Economic Development Zone took advantage of the situation and invested 100million yuan to build a drilling rig industrial park covering an area of 200 mu with front opening design for most wedge fixtures, and built an engineering technology center to become an aircraft carrier for the development and expansion of the drilling rig industry

last year, Hebei Xuanhua Economic Development Zone invested 100million yuan to build a drilling rig Industrial Park, which organized private drilling rig enterprises that rented and borrowed outside the zone, guided them from decentralized to centralized, small-scale to large-scale joint development, and has attracted 15 enterprises to enter the park for development. At the same time, 14 drilling rig enterprises were integrated to establish Hebei xuanzuan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., which implemented the research and development of geotechnical engineering machinery with an investment of 300million yuan. Powertest 2.0 must be backed up under the software installation path cal、PowerTest. hdw、PowerTest. Exe, experimental scheme The mdb file and its bin folder, the database file under the name of the data folder, and the final assembly base project are currently progressing smoothly. The development zone also actively carries out technical docking with scientific research institutions, has successively established technical cooperation and long-term cooperation with 15 scientific research institutions such as the University of science and technology of China and the China Academy of Coal Sciences, and has "married" with the National Coal Research Institute, Beijing University of science and technology, Beijing Electromechanical Research Institute, China Institute of geological exploration, Zoomlion and other units to form a "strategic partner" to establish the drilling rig industry technology Talent introduction mechanism. At present, the drilling rig Industrial Park has one provincial engineering technology center and 35 product R & D centers. Huatai mining and metallurgy in the park has formed a strategic partnership with the National Coal Research Institute and Beijing University of science and technology to carry out sustainable research and development of geotechnical, metallurgical and engineering machinery. At present, the company has four categories of products with independent intellectual property rights, including shaft drilling rigs, hydraulic drilling rigs, anchor drilling rigs and rubber tyred hydraulic drilling rigs

China's economy understands that the completion of the drilling rig Industrial Park in Xuanhua Economic Development Zone in Hebei Province has realized the drilling rig industry from small to large, from weak to strong, and from decentralized to joint, driving the development of drilling rig production and operation and supporting service enterprises in the region to more than 240. Last year, Xuanhua drilling rig industrial cluster was selected into the "top 100 County Industrial Clusters in China"

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