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The output value of Hefei electronic information industry (Manufacturing) in the first half of the year was 53.27 billion yuan

the output value of Hefei electronic information industry (Manufacturing) in the first half of the year was 53.27 billion yuan, accounting for 46.4% of the output value of all strategic emerging industries. In the first half of the year, the electronic information industry (Manufacturing) in Hefei achieved an output value of 53.27 billion yuan, accounting for 46.4% of the total output value of heat-resistant experimental machines in all strategic emerging industries. The added value was 14.82 billion yuan, an increase of 28.4%, 15.7 percentage points faster than the city's industry

application demonstration helps the information industry run fast

the terminal of industrial development is application. Promoting industrial development with application is one of the important experiences of our city in promoting industrial development. Today (in a quiet environment) we can hear the sound of the operation of the electromechanical servo system. This year, our city has actively applied for the application of the relevant national demonstration regulations on the oxygen index of wall insulation foam materials, creating more opportunities for industrial development

In March, Hefei was successfully approved to establish a national e-commerce demonstration city. By 2018, the city will strive to achieve 160billion yuan of e-commerce transactions in pillar industries, and build more than five e-commerce agglomeration areas with high industrial concentration

In May, Hefei became one of the national pilot cities for mobile e-commerce financial technology service innovation, and became one of the first five pilot cities in China. Soon after, Hefei successfully aligned the verticality of oil cylinders and was approved to create a national e-commerce demonstration city. By 2016, Hefei will benefit the people with information in eight fields, including education, health care, social security, public security and e-government

approved demonstration application cities can not only get support from the national level, but also seek first mover opportunities for industrial development. In addition, the pilot demonstration and application of informatization will effectively promote the rapid development of the electronic information industry in our city

project construction promotes the development of industrial agglomeration

the development of industry cannot be separated from project promotion. Our city continues to promote the development of electronic information industry agglomeration through project construction

Xinsheng 8.5 generation TFT-LCD production line, Hefei lucky optical film, OGS touch screen and other projects have been accelerated. The second generation 6 glass production line of rainbow liquid crystal glass has been ignited, and key supporting projects such as Shenzhen sanlipu polarizer, Taiwan Guangyang target, Tianhong Li drive IC, Huike electronics have been successfully introduced. Liquid crystal high generation production line project, Corning high generation liquid crystal glass production line, liquid crystal materials, Sandi electronics, display manufacturing equipment and other core supporting projects, as well as smart, tablet computers, smart TVs, wearable devices and other terminal industry projects are actively planning to promote, and the development trend of industrial clusters is accelerating

at present, there are 145 electronic information industry projects in Hefei, with a total investment of 307.65 billion yuan. Among them, 79 projects are under construction and ready for construction, with a total investment of 113.29 billion yuan; There are 66 reserve projects with a total investment of 194.36 billion yuan. Recently, a number of projects have been launched, including a large number of electronic information projects, which will save reserve forces for industrial development

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