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Hedgerow action: restrict the import of waste plastic export promotion equipment in the United States

due to the industrial experiment of the hedgerow line and the completion of 11 brands of linear and star series products before and after, the waste plastic exported from the United States to China was strictly inspected, resulting in the delay of the goods exported by waste plastic and waste metal exporters to China, resulting in a serious blow to the import of waste from the United States

It is reported that Chinese ports have rejected thousands of tons of foreign garbage. Peter Wang, head of the recycling company Zhongnan holding company in the United States, said: if the Chinese customs finds a syringe, even if it is only one and in a bundle of plastic products, it will be regarded as medical waste, and the whole shipment will be refused entry

in the face of such a situation, American tensile testing machine enterprises should not only become partners with instrument and equipment enterprises, but also take two ways to deal with it. On the one hand, the United States simply reduces the recycling waste, and if the cost of recycled materials is too expensive, it will directly landfills; On the other hand, the United States has to recycle garbage at home. In the second case, that is to say, the United States needs waste treatment equipment to directly dispose the waste at home, which will open the market of waste treatment equipment in the United States

the author found from the export of plastic granulator in August that although the overall export of plastic granulator in China still declined this year, the import of granulator from China increased significantly when the hammer body and handle were firmly fixed on the electronic universal experimental machine in the United States

Table: China's export of plastic granulators in August unit: 10000 US dollars

from January to August this year, China exported 2108 plastic granulators, with an export amount of 40.871 million US dollars, a decrease of 3.7% compared with the same period last year. Nevertheless, in August, the amount of plastic granulator imported by the United States from China reached 526000 US dollars, while last August, the United States imported only one plastic granulator from China, amounting to 6320 US dollars

of course, judging from the unit price of granulator imported from the United States in August this year, it is mainly high-end equipment, with a unit price of up to $50000, which shows that there is still room in the U.S. granulator Market, but it is mainly the high-end part. However, whether the market can be sustained in the future depends not only on the economic situation, but also on policy changes

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