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Hebei xuankun actively expands the overseas market

as the saying goes, the person who takes the lead in eating crabs is the brave. In the case of this challenge and opportunity, he has already reached a cooperation intention with well-known enterprises in overseas countries. The general manager of Hebei xuankun refractories technology development Co., Ltd. has also participated in large-scale international refractories fairs for many times, and has trade contacts with more and more enterprises in overseas countries

with the rapid development of the domestic economy in recent years, the disordered competition in the refractory market that has existed since the beginning of history, the dependence of raw materials on the environment, the small and messy manufacturers and other factors have been greatly improved, and more and more refractory manufacturers know that the mode of competing for the market by not adjusting the low price of instruments when in use is gone forever. With the scale of manufacturers and the standardization of technical capabilities, It has been able to get a seat in the refractory market abroad

the general manager of Hebei xuankun refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. said, "the company should not only do the largest and best in the domestic market, but also have excellent requirements for the use of refractory materials in different countries in the overseas market! The company will also strive to innovate, optimize the process and proportion of products, stabilize the product quality and win the trust of customers."

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