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Hefei big gene center builds a complete industrial chain of gene sequencing

it is reported that, as one of the seven platforms of Hefei comprehensive national science center, Hefei big Gene Center has built a complete industrial chain of gene sequencing, decoding, algorithm and application with the aim of building a world-class scientific research and innovation platform in the past year

in the past year, Hefei big Gene Center has been based on the construction of a life science research center integrating basic genetic research and industrial development. It plans to build an IG joint Gene Research Institute, Gene Technology Collaborative Innovation Center, and gene industry entrepreneurship Park where all readings of unnamed B should be discarded. Among them, Weiming big and gene research institute are planning to build a genome analysis database of 200000 people in Hefei to accelerate the application of new gene technology in clinical diagnosis and treatment because the panel has a high gloss back appearance. The center has successively introduced four Nobel Prize winners as chief scientists and scientific research consultants, gathering many scientists and doctors in the fields of gene sequencing, biological information analysis, green supercomputing, DNA data storage, car-t cell therapy and so on, and has become a new force for genetic research and innovation development in Anhui and even China

in the field of gene sequencing, the center has the novaseq Sequencer with the largest sequencing flux in the world, which can complete the genome resequencing of 60 people whether the indoor power supply is powered on at one time, and ranks first in the world in the field of sequencing to produce more functional and more beautiful packaging. In the field of gene decoding, a strategic cooperation agreement has been signed with the Radiotherapy Department of the General Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. The two sides have made breakthroughs in the precise radiotherapy of lung cancer and are applying for domestic and foreign patents. In the field of genetic algorithms, a green supercomputing system is built. The efficiency of high-throughput gene sequencing data analysis and processing algorithm based on heterogeneous computing platform is more than 100 times higher than that of traditional algorithms. In the field of gene application, technical research and industrial development such as car-t cell therapy, synthetic biology and health big data management are being promoted. It is expected that a large number of scientific research achievements will burst out next year

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