The hottest new measures of foreign drug packaging

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New measures of foreign drug packaging are convenient, safe and anti-theft

foreign drug packaging attaches great importance to children's safety, so enterprises often consider whether the packaging will have an impact on children's safety when designing drugs. Recently, a company has developed a drug packaging box called "faller" to keep the equipment clean. It requires a certain amount of force to open the carton from the die line on the packaging box, so as to effectively prevent children from opening and eating by mistake. In addition, this kind of packing box is difficult to restore once it is opened, so it plays the role of anti-theft

Plasticity data may change within 20~30%

at present, a new brand popular abroad has further expanded its popularity, while wallet blister packaging pays more attention to humanization. This packaging form is very suitable for heart disease patients who need to take medicine regularly for a long time. A chip with a certain program can be added to this kind of packaging box. When the patient forgets to take medicine, the chip will automatically alarm and remind the patient to take medicine. In this blister packaging, because the moisture-proof, moisture-proof and light proof properties of aluminum plastic materials are not as good as those of double aluminum and aluminum plastic aluminum materials, the demand for double aluminum and aluminum plastic aluminum packaging materials is also on the rise

another foreign company recently designed a blister package suitable for initial use patients for its important customers. This kind of packaging is completed on a high-speed production line, which can hold 10 mg and 20 mg products at the same time, and is equipped with a patient information manual and inserts. In terms of anti-counterfeiting, domestic enterprises generally only use anti-counterfeiting technology on packaging boxes and instructions, while many foreign pharmaceutical companies, in addition, do anti-counterfeiting treatment on the aluminum foil of blister packaging, and this company is no exception

in addition to carton packaging and blister packaging, there are many new packaging forms abroad, such as plastic bag packaging with a circular sponge at one end, July 24, 2014, paper plastic medicine bottle packaging, etc

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