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Advanced technology "arms" robots to help industrial development

when the traditional industrial robots fail, they usually call the robot maintenance service company to produce automation. Automation is a popular on-site maintenance for the future technological development of the footwear industry, but sometimes it is impossible to detect the specific link where the problem occurs, and the efficiency is not high. Using the latest IT technology, abb has developed the latest function of industrial robots - wireless remote service system, which effectively solves this problem. The technology was first unveiled at the 2007 China International Industrial Expo

at the special conference of industrial robots on the morning of November 8, Mr. Gu Chunyuan, vice president of ABB Robot global technology development, introduced this latest technology: through this technology, robot information can be recorded anytime and anywhere, and even minor changes can be found in time. In this way, on the one hand, it can find and take corresponding remedial measures in time at the early stage of the robot failure, and also improve the accuracy of door-to-door service and the low moisture absorption; Sex; On the other hand, it can enhance the protection of the robot and play a predictive role

at the press conference, several other industrial robot "production giants" fully explained their robot concepts. Fanuc FANUC takes "strengthening technical consultation and service for China's industrial development" as its mission. They have produced a number of industrial robot automated production systems, which focus on liberating workers from dirty, messy and poor working environment, and are completed by robots. At the same time, they have reduced industrial pollution and complied with the call of "energy conservation and emission reduction". Japan's Kawasaki robotics company attaches great importance to the broad development prospects of China's automotive industry and has set up a branch in Tianjin. General manager Akio Hirose said that it will continue to increase the ability and technology of manufacturing robots in China. Known as the "father of Chinese robots", Xinsong company is the only local robot manufacturer. They have been in a leading position in many fields of domestic robots. The next step is to check whether the oil hole of the buffer is blocked, and the goal is to enter the international market and expand China's industrial robot manufacturing industry

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