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New materials have become the "pastry" of Shaanxi parks

last week, it was learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology that in the first half of this year, two more industrial parks in the province became national demonstration bases. So far, the total number of new industrialization demonstration bases in Shaanxi Province has reached 9, ranking eighth in the country and second in the West. It is understood that in the construction process of many parks in Shaanxi, the new material industry has become the focus of planning and is developing rapidly. Not long ago, the development plan of new chemical materials industry in Xi'an Jinghe Industrial Park, the first new chemical materials Industrial Park in Shaanxi that should strictly control the molding temperature not to exceed 475 degrees, passed the expert review and was submitted to the Shaanxi provincial government. Hu Haifeng, member of Shaanxi Provincial decision-making advisory committee, said in an interview a few days ago

it is understood that at present, new materials have become the highlight of the development of strategic emerging industries in Shaanxi. The province plans to focus on the development of high-performance structural materials, advanced composite materials, electronic information materials, new energy materials and new functional materials. In April this year, the Shaanxi provincial government issued the implementation opinions on implementing the State Council's industrial transformation and upgrading plan, which clearly proposed to implement ten key projects, including the promotion of HRC in the new material industry, the promotion of Vickers hardness HV, the improvement of equipment manufacturing industry, and the promotion of a new generation of information technology. Among them, the new material industry promotion project focuses on building three 100 billion level modern material industry clusters of non-ferrous metal new materials, chemical new materials, and inorganic non-metallic materials; Optimize and strengthen five new material industries: high-end metal structural materials, high-performance fibers and composites, special metal functional materials, electronic information materials, and new energy materials; Establish six industrial alliances of titanium and titanium alloy materials, rare earth and rare metal materials, aluminum magnesium materials, silicon-based materials, carbon based materials, and advanced polymer materials; Scope of force measurement: 4% ⑴ 00% FS build nine industrial bases of new metal materials in Xi'an Economic Development Zone, Xi'an Yanliang aviation materials, new electronic information materials in Xi'an high tech Zone, Baoji national new titanium materials, xixianwei Shangyu photovoltaic materials, Ankang non-ferrous metals and new building materials, Shangluo molybdenum vanadium and fluorosilicone materials, Tongchuan aluminum alloy and new building materials, Yulin magnesium aluminum alloy and new coal chemical materials

As the main drafter of the development plan of new chemical materials industry in Xi'an Jinghe Industrial Park, Hu Haifeng said that Xi'an Jinghe Industrial Park is located in Gaoling County in the northeast of Xi'an, with a planned area of 31 square kilometers. The industrial park will rely on resources, technology, talents, location and other advantages to build a demonstration base for the new chemical materials industry

at present, Jinghe Industrial Park has introduced a total of 400 projects, with a contract investment of 72 billion yuan, of which 278 enterprises have settled. The park has initially formed a petroleum equipment R & D and manufacturing industry cluster represented by Changqing Oilfield and gem machinery, a chemical new material industry cluster represented by Sinochem modern, and a weapons equipment manufacturing industry cluster integrating photoelectric information, precision control, and new materials. In the new chemical material industry, Sinochem modern environmental protection chemical (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. mainly produces organic fluorides. It is the largest production base of fc-134a for electronic experiment of H equipment in the Asia Pacific region; Shaanxi Lanxiao Technology Co., Ltd. has 20 series and 103 varieties of polymer adsorbent products. In addition, Gaoling county government has built a sewage treatment plant near the Weihe River in the Jinghe Industrial Park to centrally treat the sewage and wastewater in the industrial park, and gradually set up a base environmental protection center to uniformly treat wastewater, waste gas and waste residue

it is understood that the base will focus on the development of new organic fluorine, organochlorine, organosilicon materials, polymer materials, new materials supporting the automotive and aerospace industries, new energy materials, building materials, photoelectric materials and information materials, as well as medical materials. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the base will build projects with an annual output of 100000 tons of polyvinyl alcohol, 100000 tons of polyester, 200000 tons of polyurethane, 4000 tons of polymer adsorption materials, 20000 tons of lauryl alcohol, 50000 tons of polylactic acid, 50 tons of carbon fiber, 10000 tons of fluoropolymer, 2000 tons of ultra molecular polyethylene, 15000 tons of isobutylamide isoheptane, 30000 tons of silicone rubber silicone resin, 20000 tons of fluorocarbon building exterior wall coating, etc., with a total investment of 9 billion yuan, Some of these projects have been under construction or completed. It is estimated that by 2015, the sales revenue of new chemical materials products in the base will reach 10billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, and is expected to exceed 20billion yuan by 2020

in Shaanxi, the park that vigorously develops the new chemical material industry is not only Xi'an Jinghe Industrial Park. On June 18, 2012, Shaanxi Shenguang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. started the construction of heptafluorocyclopentane project in Shaanxi Huaxian Industrial Park; On July 26 this year, the graphene carbon nanotube hybrid material engineering center established by the Jinghe New Town Management Committee of Xixian new area and Shaanxi Guoneng Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. in conjunction with Tsinghua University was settled in Jinghe new town. It plans to invest 5billion yuan to build a high-purity lithium carbonate project with an annual output of 40000 tons, further extend the high-purity lithium carbonate industry, and form an industrial chain with lithium as the core and extending to metallurgy, rubber, petrochemical, glass ceramics and other industrial fields, Build China Lithium valley

however, the biggest problem facing Shaanxi's petroleum and chemical industry at present is still the unreasonable industrial structure, with more upstream primary products and less downstream chemical products with high added value, especially the slow development of special chemicals and new chemical materials. At present, Shaanxi's new chemical materials account for less than 10% of the chemical output value, and the foundation of special chemicals is very weak. Synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber, engineering plastics, etc. are almost blank, and there is a large gap compared with the coastal developed provinces. Hu Haifeng admitted that even the existing new chemical material projects such as HFC-134a, polysilicon, polyimide, carbon fiber, etc. are either small-scale or relatively scattered, and have not yet formed a climate

in this regard, Hu Haifeng suggested that Shaanxi new chemical materials industry base must be scientifically planned and reasonably developed, and unified consideration should be given to industrial positioning, industrial chain composition, utilities, logistics, communications, environmental protection and other infrastructure. Due to the high relevance of new chemical material products, the base construction should implement the access system. The projects should be strictly screened, scientifically demonstrated, selected and rejected. It is not allowed to pick up vegetables in the basket. It should be ensured that the projects comply with the national industrial policy and the industry development direction, and form an enterprise agglomeration and interrelated industrial chain. Chemical enterprises should also take the opportunity of developing strategic emerging industries, adjust and optimize product structure, strengthen technological innovation, and constantly develop new chemical material products with high added value, such as carbon fiber and polypropylene modified materials. At the same time, chemical enterprises should avoid repeated construction and similar products, form their own characteristics and enhance their core competitiveness

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