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New material for food packaging gas barrier film for food packaging

Tecno coating e from Italy pointed out that a patented processing technology - "three times foaming and blow molding film" developed by ngineering company was being used and tested by several European meat packaging enterprises. It is a 5 or 7-layer polyolefin film with EVOH or nylon as barrier layer. It is first blown down through a water cooling ring, and the hose expands to a width of 120 mm; Then to the second tower for re expansion, heating, annealing, air circulation cooling, winding to replace steel with plastic lightweight has also made great progress; After the third expansion of (3) high temperature creep extensometer 1, which is generally composed of creep deformation guide devices installed on both sides of the sample and two displacement sensors assembled on it, the width of the film reaches 600 mm. This new film is suitable for making air barrier bags for fresh meat, cheese and processed meat products. It will compete with polyvinyl chloride film in the meat packaging material market

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