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On May 23, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of Finance issued the "plan for the establishment of the national new material industry resource sharing platform after the completion of the new Darmstadt production base two years ago", aiming to comprehensively improve the service level of resource sharing in China's new material industry, and improve the industry management level and public service supply capacity

the plan proposes that by 2020, focusing on advanced basic materials, key areas such as R & D and industrial utilization of remanufacturing technology, key strategic materials and cutting-edge new materials, and key links of the new material industry chain, a multi-party polypropylene (PPR) construction, public welfare oriented, and efficient integrated new material industry resource sharing service ecosystem will be basically formed. By 2025, the resource sharing service ecosystem of the new material industry will be more perfect, and the resource sharing capacity of the new material industry will reach the international advanced level as a whole

according to the relevant person in charge of the raw materials industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, new materials have the characteristics of many varieties, large number of production and user enterprises, wide regional distribution, and complex supply-demand relationship between upstream and downstream industries. After years of rapid development, the new material industry has accumulated and precipitated a large amount of resources, but various resources are distributed in different subjects, and the clamping force of information seal increases. Problems such as closed asymmetry, idle and waste of resources, difficult transaction and circulation, difficult value to be effectively mined and utilized, and poor resource sharing need to be solved urgently. At present, the resource sharing platform with large-scale interactive characteristics is increasingly active in various industries and fields, which also helps to speed up the exchange of resources in the new material industry

the plan puts forward six modules for the system resource construction of the platform, including government information service system module, industry knowledge service system module, instrument and facility sharing system module, scientific and technological achievements transformation system module, supply and demand docking service system module and other resource service system module. "The resource sharing of these contents will promote the intelligent decision-making and in-depth optimization of product design, R & D, production and operation management, realize the interconnection and service sharing of key instruments and facilities, promote collaborative innovation and improve transaction efficiency." The person in charge said

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